Whole Venison £4.95 per kilo

Side of Venison £5.15 per kilo

Diced Venison £7.99 per kilo

8oz Venison Steaks £7.80 for 2

Boneless Haunch of Venison (ex shank) £10.99 per kilo

Bone In Haunch of Venison (ex shank) £8.40 per kilo

Venison Saddle £11.99 per kilo

Boneless Venison Saddle £15.50 per kilo

Venison Shoulder £5.50 per kilo

Boneless Venison Shoulder £6.50 per kilo

Mince Vension £5.90 per kilo

SAM Meats and Game is a wild game supplier using all UK sourced produce. Please note that different game is available at different times throughout the year. Please see below for details of the game seasons 2015-2016


Red Stag, Sika Stag & Fallow Buck: 1st Aug - 30th Apr

Red Hind, Sika Hind, Fallow Doe, Roe Doe: 1st Nov - 31st Mar

Roe Buck: 1st April - 31st Oct

Chinese Water Deer: 1st Nov - 31st Mar

Muntjac: All year

Other Game Birds

Mallard £3.50 each

*Wood Pigeon £2.40 each

*Wood Pigeon Breast Fillets £2.60 for 2

Other Game

Mixed Game £8.99 per kilo

Game Faggot £3.60 for 6


Whole Brown Hare £7.50 each

Brown Hare Hind Legs £6.50 for 2

Brown Hare Saddle £5.50 each

Diced Brown Hare £9.90 per kilo

Game Birds

Grouse: 12th Aug - 10th Dec

Partridge: 1st Sept - 1st Feb

Pheasant: 1st Oct - 1st Feb

Wild Duck: 1st Sept - 31st Jan

Woodcock: 1st Oct - 31st Jan

Wood Pigeon: All year

Ground Game

Rabbit: All year

Hare: All year

*subject to availability


*Whole Wild Rabbit £4.50 each

*Wild Rabbit Hind Legs £3.90 for 2

*Wide Rabbit Saddle £3.50 each

*Diced Wild Rabbits £15.50 per kilo


Whole Partridge £3.00 each

Partridge Fillets £4.00 for 2

1/2 Partridge Leg Bone In £2.00 each


Whole Pheasant £2.25 each

1/2 Pheasant Leg Bone In £1.75 each

Skin On Pheasant Fillets £3.00 for 2

Pheasant Fillets £3.00 for 2

Boneless Pheasant Thighs £3.50 for 6