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4oz Beef Burgers
6oz Beef Burgers
8oz Beef Burgers 
4oz Lamb & Mint Burgers
4oz Pork & Apple Burgers
4oz Venison & Garlic Burgers
4oz Chicken, Apple & Mint



British 8oz Rib Eye
British 10oz Rib Eye
British 8oz Sirloin
British 10oz Sirloin
British 8oz Fillet
British 10oz Fillet
British 8oz Rump
British 10oz Rump
British 12oz Rump


British Lamb Shoulder
British Lamb Leg
British Lamb Loin chops
British Lamb Cutlets
Diced Lamb 
Lean mince lamb

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Lean Diced Pork & Pepper Kebabs
Garlic & Herb Diced Chicken Fillet Kebabs
Nice & Spicy Diced Chicken Fillet Kebabs
Minced Lamb Kofta Kebabs
Minty Lean Diced Lamb Kebabs
Venison Kofta Kebabs

We sell a huge range of meats and game and can put together packages depending upon your requirements. ‚Äč


6-7oz Supremes
8oz Chicken Fillets
Diced Chicken
Chicken Oyster Thighs
Whole Chickens
Whole Corn Fed Chickens
Smoked Chicken Fillets and Whole Chickens


British Boned & Rolled Loin Of Pork
British Loin of Pork On The Bone
British Boneless Blade of Pork
British Boneless Whole Shoulder of Pork
British Bone and Rolled Leg of Pork
British Pork Draft
8oz Loin Steak (rindless or rind-on)
European Bone & Rolled Loin of Pork
Minced Pork
Diced Shoulder of Pork


British Braising Steak
British Rolled Brisket
British Rolled Rib Of Beef
British Rib on the Bone
British Best Whole Fillet
British Best Mince Beef
British Rolled Sirloin Of Beef
British Steak & Kidney
British Best Stewing Steak
British Topside


‚ÄčThin Gluten Free
Thin Pork
Thick Pork
Pork & Sage
Pork, Apple & Cider
Pork & Tomato
Pork & Black Pudding
Pork & Leek
Pork Sweet Chilli
Pork, Chilli & Garlic
Venison, Port & Garlic
Thin Pheasant & Sage
Thin Lamb & Mint
Thin Lamb & Apricot
Thin Beef